Welcome to MATTA!

Our dishes come from old family recipes from the Lè family of Hue and Lê family of Phan Rang, as well as some of Richard's childhood favorites. Our mission at MATTA isn't just to serve you a meal, but to give you a glimpse into the life of the everyday Vietnamese person, specifically Richard's home. 

Some of these dishes were usually only prepared for holidays, while others are what you would have on a Wednesday night with the family. Each dish, however, is near and dear to us as it reminds of the power of food and its ability to bring all of us together. If there was a reason for the family to get together, it was the food. 

The conception of MATTA came from when Richard's awesome mom left us in 2015. Some of our fondest memories were us having dinner with her, so you could say it was the catalyst for us. We wanted to create a place that would pay homage to her, but also highlight the feeling of having a meal with your loved ones. We hope to recreate as well as provide new memories and bring them to you. 

We're so glad you could join us, now let's enjoy a meal together. 

- Richard and Sophia Le