good ol' soul food



Welcome to MATTA.

During the initial conception of MATTA, we had no real theme as to what we actually wanted to serve. We knew it was something along the lines of Asian, but it didn't click for us. That was, until we went back to Saigon and stayed with my uncle Tien.

My uncle is an amazing cook, and even though he spends his days running nightclubs, he remembers how to cook all of my grandma’s, or Ba Noi’s, dishes. As a child, he spent numerous days with her in the kitchen just watching her cook. So when my wife and I went to visit him in Vietnam, he blessed us with the memories of his youth.

I hadn't had a taste of any of these dishes since I was 9 years old. To be reminded of the food she made for me almost 20 years later while sitting at my uncle’s dinner table was the epitome of a nostalgia bomb to say the least. That's when our theme became clear.

Memories, through my eyes and tastes to yours. We at MATTA want to bring you the flavors and sensations I had as a child and give you a sense of what it’s like to be in our family's home. Our recipes aren't our recipes, but our family's. Recipes from my Ba Noi, Bac Ngoc (auntie), and of course, my Mother, Thuy Le.

We're so stoked to have you join us, so sit back, relax, and enjoy some soul food. Vietnamese soul food, that is. Cheers.

- Richard


Our dishes are derived from family recipes from both of my families. My dad's family hails from the sleepy beach town known as Phan Rang, while my mom's family come from the peaceful and beautiful city of Hue. Growing up, I spent many nights with my families, enjoying amazing dishes from both regions of Vietnam. Each dish brings out certain memories for me, which I would gladly share with you if you ask. I thoroughly love making each of these dishes because of their connection to my upbringing. They bring back memories of my time of having my Ba Noi living with me at my dad's, to dinners with just my mom and brother.

As we believe it to be, Vietnamese food has always been about balance. There will be hints of spice and umami, followed by citrus and salt, with sweetness not too far behind to bring it all together. We've done our best to reinterpret all of these incredible recipes from my youth, and made sure we used the best product in Oregon to take it to the next level. 

- Richard Le